Eco and Botanical Artist

Baz is a self-taught eco and botanical artist creating unique pieces inspired by nature. Originally from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, his grandfather who made sailboats, and his father, a skilled carpenter and guitar maker, influenced his path to creating beautiful things. Baz started making and selling t-shirts using shells, leaves, bones, corals, sea fans, pieces of palm, coconut, and bamboo trees in the Caribbean. In 1989, Baz became Southern Caribbean Windsurfing Champion and moved to California and then Hawaii to pursue a career in windsurfing, art, and to raise a family. In 2011, Baz visited Alaska and saw the water, mountains, skies, and land looking like the tropical trees that surrounded him. Upon returning to Hawaii, Baz began creating the mixed media pieces he creates today in Evanston using all natural materials from the islands.

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