Everlasting Fire Studio


Everlasting Fire Studio is the work and lampwork glass studio owned by John Landin and Elektra Musich. Located in Lincoln Square, the studio has been open for 4 years and John and Elektra have been working with glass for over 7 years. John is trained as a chemist and finds the properties of glass to always be fascinating, and to always continue to challenge him in new ways. Elektra has always been fascinated with glass, and still loves to admire it wherever she goes. While John loves to explore bigger complex pieces in glass, Elektra loves to try to make things as small as she can. Both enjoy making marbles and pendants, and challenging one another to try new concepts.
Elektra and John teach classes out of their studio, and also host open studio time for those wanting to work on glass outside of a class setting. They also happily bring a torch where they can to do demos and talk about glass.

About Lampworking:

Lampwork glass refers to melting glass rods and tubing over table mounted torches. The skills applied are often the same, or similar to those employed at the furnace. Using the properties of glass, and tools, the glass is shaped and worked to create everything from pendants, marbles, ornaments, and wine glasses. Pieces can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Some pieces are worked over a few days, and some work is then cut and polished after having been annealed in a kiln.

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