Greg Slocum
Typography Art

My name is Greg Slocum and I’m a resident of Evanston. My
studio is called Vocabuart. My vision for Vocabuart is to be the
visual mashup of words, typography and images. My background is
in photography and traditional graphic design so I try to bring all
of my experience to my art. By using words, type and a variety of
images I hope to create unique and attractive designs.

Inspired by instructors and mentors that instilled in me the
appreciation of a well design typeface, I continue to search out
great word and type combinations. As one of my instructors once
told me “Just as an actor uses their voice to create a character, a
typeface gives the word a voice of its own.” Typefaces can express
strength, joy, tradition, casualness or a thousand other emotions or
associations if you just learn to listen to them.

As a photographer and designer, I learned long ago that composition is the most crucial element of any design. Simple, clean and distinct elements are what I strive to create.

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