Reni Arreguin
Glass Art

I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life and I’ve worked with glass in one form or another for at least 20 years. My enthusiasm with beach glass however; is quite new.

My sons were Chicago Lifeguards for several years, and while keeping the beaches of Chicago safe, they would collect beach glass here and there knowing of my fondness for it. The beach glass was collected, washed and put in many many jars. The jars of glass sat for several years collecting dust in my basement.

I took some great mosaic classes at The Chicago Mosaic School in 2018/19 and that is where I decided to incorporate the beach glass into my art. I made quite a few pieces and gave them away as gifts and then I opened up my ETSY shop called Reni’s Glass Art Shop in February of 2019. Who knew? The pieces began to sell.

I like simple, clean designs and I prefer to keep my pieces on the small size. I feel that some pieces work well as sun catchers and others work well as wall decor. You just have to try it both ways.

I hope you find a piece that makes you smile.

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