Ron Crawford

As a documentary film cameraman, Ron realized he could combine his drawing talent with filmmaking and he became an animator. For many years he sparked the three seconds at the end of TV commercials, flipped station call letters or exploded galaxies for science show openings. Suddenly his next career choice became artist and actor and between Broadway and black box theater in New York City he has his pencil ready for that scene that will compel him to commit to paper; or brush to canvas. Importantly for Ron, none of the works here are commissioned, they are all a matter of impulse. Everyday scenes with moving vibrant people that capture a moment.

A quick drawing can then turn into a colorful completed work, requiring many hours of precision computer time inspired by a sketch that took perhaps minutes in a crowded city and a tight schedule. This process of creating art prints is called Giclée (“jah-CLAY”) in which the completed piece is formed and finished on a computer. In a way, this is a new and modern 21st Century art form in which the print becomes the original.

Please note that Ron’s prints are individually made and priced for anyone to afford and, as well, a special print is also available that is produced on museum quality paper with archival inks, carefully inspected and then hand-signed. His work hangs in homes around the globe and in the homes of Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow and Julia Luis-Dreyfus.